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1000W 220V-240V Adjustable E-Papillon lighting system

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The NEW E-Papillon is the newest Lights Interaction fixture.

Using the latest techniques and new reflective material, a new reflector with an efficiency of 95% was developed. Moreover, because of the new design of the NEW E-Papillon 1000W, it’s the smallest 1000W fixture in the market.

The design of the housing is made in a way that the temperature of the electronics is as low as possible, resulting in a minimized failure rate. Because of the open design of the reflector the lamp operates in the most optimal way.

Lights Interaction uses the newest Philips GreenVision electronics in combination with the latest generation Philips GreenPower 1000W EL Plus lamps. This in combination with the new reflector with an efficiency of 95% makes the NEW E-Papillon 1000W the most efficient horticulture lighting solution.

Lights Interaction has developed a specific lamp holder for the 1000W luminaire in collaboration with Vosloh Schwabe. The lamp in the luminaire cannot be screwed into the normal E40 lamp holder of a conventional luminaire. There are two litz wires at the two ends of the lamp. These have to be clamped in order to obtain a connection. In the E-Papillon 1000W, the voltage supply to the lamp holder is disconnected when the lamp is opened. When pushing shut the lamp holder, a metal clamp grips the litz wire. Our lamp is therefore shock-hazard-protected.

The reflector can be easily placed on and removed from the luminaire. This makes the annual cleaning of the reflectors a very simple operation. If you wish to replace the reflector later on, you can easily remove it from the safety cover and only replace the reflector.

Lights Interaction has consciously chosen this safety cover to avoid dirt accumulation on the top of our reflector. If dirt combines with water on top of the reflector, it may find its way into the reflector through chinks in the reflector. This will lead to streaks of dirt, whereby less light will be reflected. When cleaning the fitting, the cleaning water would also be soiled immediately on contact with the accumulated dirt on top of the reflector. The safety cover provides a thermal buffer between the hot reflector material and any objects that may fall on top of the fitting. The temperature of the top of the reflector cover can rise to 50°C. Without this reflector cover, the temperature on the top of the reflector may rise to 200°C.

Each light comes with a standard wire mounting bracket. We also offer tailor-made sizes in consultation with the customer.

Please contact us if you need more information or wish to have a lighting plan with these new luminaries.

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Weight 10.20 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 x 9.5 x 13.4 in


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Technical Specifications

Here you will find the specifications of the luminaires and light bulbs we sell.
E-Papillon 1000w E-Papillon 600w Papillon 270 (400v/600w) Papillon 270 (230v/600w) Papillon 270 (230v/400w)
Voltage 368 V – 424 V 368 V – 424 V 400 V 230 V 230 V
Frequency 47,5 Hz – 63 Hz 47,5 Hz – 63 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Current 2,61 A 1,61 A 1,85 A 3,3 A 2,3 A
Rated power 1035 W 635 W 670 W 670 W 450 W
Tolerances ± 5% ± 5% ± 5%
Weight 4,2 kg 4 kg 9,5 kg 9,5 kg 7,5 kg
Cos » 0,95 » 0,95 » 0,85 » 0,85 » 0,85
Type E1000 E600 270460 270260 270240
  Philips specifies the nominal light output in µmol/s. This means that the plant growth lamp calculations are in µmol/m²s and the lighting intensity in lux is an empirical estimate. In the calculations for our light plans, Lights Interaction makes a distinction between the calculation value and the value in practice. The calculation is made on the basis of an empty room, a nominal luminaire and a nominal lamp. Since this is not a realistic situation, we correct the calculated value. This is called the practical value, in other words, the value we expect in practice upon delivery. The average growth light level (practical value) is calculated using the practical values below. This is the value we expect to obtain on delivery.    
Nominal light output Practical value
Philips Greenpower EL TD 400V/1000W 1975 µmol/s 1875 µmol/s
Philips Greenpower EL TD 400V/600W 1170 µmol/s 1110 µmol/s
Philips Greenpower 400V/600W 1150 µmol/s 1090 µmol/s
Philips Greenpower 230V/600W 1100 µmol/s 1045 µmol/s
Philips Greenpower 230V/400W 745 µmol/s 708 µmol/s
Technical specifications E-Papillon 1000W:
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Technical specifications E-Papillon 600W:
Click Here to Download PDF spece600w
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